The Truth About Neopets Freebie Codes

Published: 30th October 2009
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Neopia is completely full of items. Learning all about them is fun and also just plain smart. This article will hopefully tell you the way to get, use and find noepets items. I'll also give out info on getting a rare item code for Neopets.
When you're playing Neopets for the first time, you can accept a gift called a newbie pack. This pack will come with your first Neopets items. This is a good headstart, but there is a huge amount of free stuff out there in Neopia. Lets not waste any time!

You can obtain items from many alternative places. You should purchase them from stores, earn them from adventures, games and even as prizes. They are all cons or folk who have their accounts deleted if they employ them. Here are some real tips to getting items and neopoints simply.

Remember that half price day is on the third of each month in almost all Neopets shops. This is a great time to buy. When you visit journey into neopia, click on Tyrannian Plateau. If you click the omelette you can get some omelette. You also can earn free items by clicking on Tiki Tack island and playing Tombola. You may also get a free spin every day on the Fruit Machine by going to Sakhmet in the Lost Desert.

There are heaps of other places to go for free things in Neopia. Lastly be certain to go to Faerie Land and visit the Healing Springs to get free hit points or a potion when you need it. if you want to spend 150 np, you can open your own store to sell your items. This is mostly an excellent idea. You can also find some free rare item codes for neopets.

There are some strategies to getting free neopets rare item codes. Firstly, you can go to ebay. Here you should purchase rare item codes for a very low price. Plenty will be a mystery because they are sold unused.

You might also want to play the stock market to earn neopoints. Remember you can lose the money you've invested so fast your head will spin. If you like to play it safe, you can always put your points in the bank and get interest.

You can also get fun and rare items from online stores, including limited edition neopets and other cool stuff you probably wont be able to find anywhere else. This is also a great way to make certain you know what you are getting. Ultimately, you can go to and try getting a free rare item code. This site is free except a few minutes of your time, but you can't pick and choose what codes you will get. Now go enjoy your neopets adventure!

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